Fencing Victoria offer a qualified team of personnel, high quality plant and equipment and over 50 years of fencing knowledge and experience.

The scale and importance of major projects is well understood, with Fencing Victoria in the position to deliver the fencing component of any sized project.

All projects are delivered professionally, safely, on budget, with minimal environmental footprint and within the time scheduled. 

Fencing Victoria have vast experience with working in diverse and protected environments, in occasionally very difficult conditions. With an apt to detail, the managment team ensure the safety and security of heritage areas, personnel and assets.

In order to meet project specifications, Fencing Victoria often propose a customised program of works based on:

  • A demonstrated track record in delivering large-scale remote fencing.
  • Proven project management and methodology for the efficient use of staff and resources.
  • The capacity to deliver value-for-money construction services.
  • Established relationships with existing service providers to enable efficient and timely procurement of fencing materials and resources.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the Indigenous Cultural Heritage Protocols to be followed on projects.
  • The necessary QHSE systems, policies, procedures and processes to support successful delivery without incident.
  • Highly trained, professional personnel consisting of competent and experienced managers, supervisors and staff at various capacities to ensure projects are carried out to the highest standard.
  • Responsibilities to perform duties in such a way that we meet our aims and objectives whilst exceeding the expectations of our clients.
  • Proven flexibility to assist Project Managers with scheduling and resource management.

To view Fencing Victoria Policies and Procedures or a personalised quotation please contact admin@fencingvictoria.com.au

To discuss how Fencing Victoria can meet the needs of your next project call 1800 336 842.

Fencing Victoria design and construct commercial fencing including Security Gates, Boundary Fences, Access Gates, Loading Ramps, Stock Yards, Environmental Protection Barriers, Pedestrian/Walkway Fencing and Entrance Gates.

The available range of design and material options result in a product, service and solution to meet your requirements.

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Fencing Victoria's Residential Fencing and Rural Fencing Solutions include Entrance Gates, Boundary Fences, Security Fencing, Stock Yards, Loading Ramps and Post and Rail features.

Contact FV to assist with your material and design selection .

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Fencing Victoria partner construction companies, asset owners, water authorities, government bodies and landowners to deliver fencing projects.

FV have the available plant, equipment, staff and resources to deliver any size project within any time frame. Project details and references are available upon request.

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